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I contribute my coaching skills with full conviction to the project BrückenBauen. Our goal is to help refugees and generally people with a migrant background to integrate themselves into the German labor market. In doing so, we work with both the immigrants themselves and with the old-established employees in the company. Only then can integration be successful in the long term – and then integration is fun!

Intercultural trainings in companies

integrationThe integration of migrants (especially of refugees) in companies offers enormous opportunities, great perspectives and is an indispensable part of the modern globalized world of work. Dealing competently with people from other cultures, however, is not a matter of course. In the professional context, it is not just about dealing with the culture of the country. Above all, work culture and corporate culture also play a crucial role in successful collaboration.

Companies that choose to employ people from other cultures need to be aware that integration work is required. From all involved. BrückenBauen offers comprehensive and holistic concepts to enable collaboration and harness the diverse potential of an intercultural workforce.

As experts for intercultural trainings, we help companies to make the integration of refugees in the company successful and sustainable. In doing so, we fall back on many years of experience in intercultural work. Above all, however, the coaches of BrückenBauen work hand in hand with our specially qualified cultural facilitators: people with a refugee or migration experience who, as cultural and linguistic mediators, create understanding between new and long-established Germans and accompany the integration.

Our offer for companies (pdf)

Cultural facilitators

As coaches, we train migrants to be „cultural facilitators„. Immigrants will be empowered and enabled to do integration work themselves. The cultural facilitators hold workshops with us coaches, explain the German culture from an immigrant’s perspective who has successfully been integrated. They accompany new arrivals to local authorities or visits to the doctor and support them with personal experience and tips as well as language problems.

How to support the project:

As a non-profit organization, the BrückenBauen project is largely financed by donations and public funding (for example, the training of our cultural facilitators).

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GLS Bank
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