Clarity & new perspectives


Through coaching, companies can specifically promote and support their employees. Often (not always) it is advisable to use an external coach to avoid role conflicts (for example in a management role). The employees are given a safe and confidential environment to work on their personal topics, to develop and grow.

In our coachings we work with people and teams on topics such as:

  • deal with a new leadership role
  • sparring for agile roles
  • develop an authentic  leadership style
  • on-boarding of new employees
  • deal with stress and high pressure to perform
  • handling conflicts in a team
  • bring a new team into the performance phase
  • work through change processes

To us, coaching means supporting people in their own work on themselves – at eye level! Coaching is about your concern, about your topic and that is why we work together to develop your own solution in coaching.

Take it sporty!

As coaches, we are sparring partners. That means: We give you our full attention, challenge you, train with you, provoke you if necessary, encourage you and discuss with you your next steps.

Coaching is not a therapy, in coaching we do not cure any diseases and coaching is not a panacea. Therefore, we clarify in the preliminary interview exactly whether coaching is the right approach for your situation.