Seeing chaos as an opportunity

KAOS means understanding chaos as an opportunity – as a person, as a team and as a company.

Our world of work is undergoing revolutionary change thanks to digitization – and chaos seems to be lurking around every corner. Especially in times of change, it is important to build on your own resources and strengths to shape change actively, constructively and sustainably.

KAOS Coaching & Development accompanies organizations to develop flexible and suitable structures to pro-actively shape the new world of work.

We encourage people, teams and companies to see change as an opportunity and support them in releasing and sustainably utilizing their resources in times of change.

  1. We work with entrepreneurs and organizations that have a real interest in shaping change and engaging their people.
  2. We empower executives and employees to shape, incorporate and develop change.
  3. We have a wealth of experience and in-depth scientific expertise to professionally facilitate profund transformation.
  4. We see ourselves as Business Coaches and Organizational Developers (not as business consultants).
  5. We design goal-oriented, creative and result-driven processes that expose the resources of an organization.
  6. Together with our clients we work towards a goal –  pragmatic, visionary and cooperative.

We embrace the future of working.