KAOS Coaching & Development accompanies organizations to develop flexible and suitable structures to pro-actively shape the new world of work.

We are Katrin Ostermeier and Marcus Rübbe – supported by a strong network of competent coaches, facilitators and consultants with different approaches and expertise.

creativity & passion

KAOS Coaching & Development is not just a job for us, but our profession to which we dedicate our heart’s blood, our brains and a lot of energy to sometimes run the extra mile. The result is creativity and passion to a high degree, which we pass on to our clients enthusiastically and give our projects a special touch.

For us, the absolute prerequisite for this is mutual esteem as well as partnership-based cooperation at eye level with our clients: we work towards a common goal.

Holistic, systemic and tailor made

We have a high demand for the quality and professionalism of our work. For this reason, we do not work with standardized concepts and methods, but design our processes and workshops individually and always in close coordination with our customers. After all, you are the expert on your own topic. As coaches, it is our job to accompany your development process, to create a suitable framework, to provide appropriate methods and also, if necessary, to include additional competencies (in the sense of colleagues). Whether working with people, teams or entire organizations: It is clear to us that the solution lies in the system. This means that every person and every organization has the necessary resources to develop, to grow. This is to be released.

Attitude before technique

Our in-depth education, extensive training, years of international professional experience and a high degree of creativity enable us to tailor suitable processes. And so our workshops use „modern“ elements of design thinking processes or materials like Lego – as well as traditional facilitation methods. The art is to combine purposeful and appropriate elements. Coaching is first and foremost a matter of attitude. We see ourselves as business coaches and not as consultants.

KAOS Coaching & Development – We embrace the future of working.