Jongleur lilaLeadership plays an important and new role in times of change and the digital age. It requires leadership instead of management. This means leadership with clear visions and goals instead of administrative control.

Managers need to be able to motivate their teams in a dynamic and complex world and point them in a clear direction. Their job is to provide room and support for development and creativity and to develop teams and employees.

Leadership – a matter of attitude

Good leadership requires special skills that go far beyond pure expertise. Those who want to motivate employees in the long term and exploit their potential need competent executives. There’s no way around it. These competencies need to be promoted, challenged and developed.

Leadership in the new world of work is first and foremost a matter of attitude:

  • Trust: Thanks to digitization, many jobs today work independently of time and place. Home office or virtual work are part of everyday life in many places or are requested for various reasons. The control of strict working hours is no longer possible. In times of knowledge work, itv has to be discussed whether this is necessary at all. Modern leadership means measuring the performance of the employees by the result and not on the time spent. That requires a rethink.
  • Self awareness: The strongest form of leadership is leading by example. This requires first and foremost strong self-awareness and self-guidance. A coach is the ideal sparring partner when it comes to clarifying and rethinking topics and reflecting on personal behavior. Your employees will thank you!
  • Motivation: Leaders need to be enthusiastic about their job and be convinced of what they do. A great task of modern leadership lies in the motivation of the employees. This means cultivating, listening to, encouraging, empowering, giving feedback. An executive is well advised to build up coaching skills.
  • Appreciation: Mutual appreciation is essential for successful cooperation, especially in flatter hierarchies. Respect does not come with status but needs to be earned. This means: appreciative leadership work in order to call on the resources and potential of the employees and to ensure a pleasant working atmosphere.

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