female leadership

The biggest issue for female executives is that there are few female role models. However, these are especially important when it comes to leadership.

A question of authenticity

Incidentally, this is one reason why women in leadership positions often behave strangely „masculine“. Politics provides numerous examples for this. The challenge of leadership is to be authentic. And as a woman,  authenticity means to be female. For a matter of fact our work culture is predominantly male. This can be seen in management and communication behavior, in workplace-specific habits and rituals and, above all, in Germany, unfortunately also in the so-called gender pay gap. The so-called „feminization“ of the labor market, especially in Germany, is still much more sluggish than the 21st century suggests.

KAOS Coaching & Development supports your female executives with coaching or with special workshops to reflect their own leadership behavior. Women learn to present themselves in a self-confident and authentic way.

It is about:

  • Leadership in a male-dominated work culture
  • Dealing with stereotypes and prejudices
  • Reflection of your own leadership style
  • Assertiveness and repartee
  • Strength and femininity
  • Courage for authenticity
  • Build and use networks