Demographic change demands a rethink of employment. Employees remain longer and longer in the company today and in the future, and young employees are only gradually coming to grips. It is quite common for four generations to work in a company and in a team.

This can lead to tensions in cooperation. Each generation has its own values, typical behaviors, views and communicative preferences as a result of its societal character. For executives, it makes sense to know these differences and to promote a team’s understanding of the differences and their benefits.

The hypothesis of belonging to a generation helps to reduce complexity and highlight important trends and developments in society as well as requirements for companies. Of course, it is not a substitute for looking at each employee individually; every person has characteristics, values ​​and strengths that can differ from the typical „generations“ – characteristics. Nevertheless, working with generation-specific stereotypes offers a helpful additional perspective.

In special workshops, KAOS Coaching & Development offers executives the opportunity to view their teams and employees from a new perspective: They learns about generation-specific differences and  how to effectively communicate and motivate generation-specific and to promote effective cross-age collaboration. Managers are supported in skilfully combining the strengths and expectations of each individual employee.