virtuell lila klein
Virtual leadership is not a side job – virtual leadership is the main task. Poor communication, clumsy leadership, or unclear goals can, to some extent, be balanced out in traditional presence teams; this is not possible with a virtual team. The demands on executives change significantly in a virtual work environment.

Is performance work / time? P = W / t?

If workplaces function independently of time and place, then performance cannot be measured simply by time recording. What counts is the result. For executives, that means trust rather than control. This is absolutely contemporary when it comes to knowledge work. To put it bluntly, your employees are working with their heads – not their butts. Managers then have the important task of agreeing clear goals. Every employee has to know his contribution to the company and the team. And then is performance can be measured.

KAOS Coaching & Development accompanies executives in coaching or special workshops to build up their skills in the field of „Digital Leadership“.

Topics are for example:

  • Reflection of one’s own leadership and one’s own behavior
  • Virtual leadership challenges / leadership at a distance
  • efficient communication in the age of digitization: sensible use of new media
  • Leading by objectives
  • Motivation, trust and team development at a distance
  • Dealing with time and stress
  • Balance: control and trust