In the age of digitization, change management is part of daily business. Organizations and their employees have to adapt to the dynamic environment. Organizational structures change, teams grow or shrink, new business areas and locations emerge.

Change as an opportunity

Change management means dealing with change constructively. That is a challenge. Because changes are exhausting. They create fears and resistance – that’s only human. Successful and sustainable change management actively incorporates these fears into the process.

KAOS Coaching & Development supports companies and their teams and employees to design change processes constructively and sustainably and to make them sustainable for all involved.

Change triggers

Typical reasons for change processes are:

  • Collaboration changes: introduction of new processes and structures (e.g., more agility)
  • Team changes: pooling teams or areas; teams grow, shrink, dissolve
  • Strategic change: for example, opening of new markets or business areas
  • Organizational changes: mergers, acquisitions, changes in legal form

The work of KAOS Coaching & Development is designing processes to actively engage your employees in your change processes and to constructively release and use their resources. It’s about seeing change as an opportunity.

Change coaching

Change processes can be exhausting and support through specific change coaching is often useful to deal with (very natural!) resistance. This means actively accompanying your employees, managers and teams so that they can go along with the change and actively shape it.

  • Together, we address these resistances; we offer you a sheltered environment to address concerns and fears.
  • Your leaders learn to deal with resistance constructively in their teams and departments.
  • We work with your teams openly and pragmatically on conflicts to restore working ability.
  • We coach your employees and executives to develop the necessary skills for change.