Especially in the early years, a company is confronted with constant changes – from inside and outside. The initial euphoria gives way to day-to-day business, the development and expansion of the market position brings high pressure to perform and a growth of the company requires new structures and communication channels. The initial relaxed and informal cooperation of the founders is increasingly exposed to burdens and holds great potential for conflict. The integration of new employees and the expansion of further business areas presents the company with completely new challenges.

This is what it is about

In startup coaching, I accompany young companies in mastering these challenges successfully. Together, we work out suitable structures and forms of cooperation for the company right from the start. By setting the right course at an early stage, the young company is given a solid foundation to fully exploit the potential of its employees, establish themselves on the market and grow healthily.

The „ideal“ form of an organization is always the one that suits the company, its culture, its goals and especially its employees. That’s why my premise is „structure follows strategy“: I support the company in concentrating on its core values ​​and strengths and, building on this, establishing optimal structures and forms of cooperation. This must be an open and individual process.