Incubators: innovations for the future

Incubators have taken on the important task of bringing innovative thinking to traditional corporations. The balancing act is enormous. The strategies to integrate startup companies into corporations are relatively fresh and are still being tested.

The goal, however, is to promote and accompany the young teams in the best possible way in order to create innovative solutions that are as solid as possible. The emphasis is usually on financial support, the provision of office space and entrepreneurial input on strategic and business issues. What is usually ignored are the supposedly „soft“ factors such as collaboration, communication or leadership. This is a big risk factor though: the desired innovations are usually created by a team of so-called knowledge workers. Creative work processes require suitable framework conditions. This includes team spirit, the optimal use of resources and potential, efficient cooperation and communication. If this is not guaranteed, then innovations will not come about.

Startup coaching is a MUST for incubators

Startup coaching should be part of each incubator’s strategy. To systematically support young companies in optimizing their cooperation and, if necessary, in healthy growth. This minimizes friction losses and reduces the risk of failure. The focus can be on the desired innovations.

If it is planned to integrate the team or the product into the company at a later stage,  then it is advisable to accompany the process early through coaching (on both sides!). This can reduce the risk of culture shock (again on both sides!).