A key issue for the success of startups is „leadership“. Founders tend to be more innovative, more adventurous, and a whole lot more flexible on the go than traditional businesses. Hierarchies are usually a thorn in their side and seem to stand in the way of agile working methods.

„leadership“ – not „management“

But that’s exactly the crux of the matter: Young companies in particular need strong leadership. This means giving the company a clear direction, making decisions, assuming responsibility, working out a vision, constantly realigning the strategy. And leadership first of all starts with the individual. The keyword is „self-guidance“.

Young companies are therefore well advised to deal with the topic of leadership as early as possible. In concrete terms, this means translating company values ​​into vision, strategy and mission, defining decision-making processes and agreeing clear areas of responsibility.

When the first employees come on board, this homework assignment should be completed. Then, the founders are challenged to hand over skills, to delegate, to entrust others with „their baby“. Then the job is to further develop leadership and to bring the company into the next phase.