„Talent wins games – but intelligence and team work wins championships“ (Michael Jordan)Team

Team work is anything but a matter of course. And – frightening fact – most startups do not fail because of lack of ideas, but because they do not work together efficiently.

Team work does not just mean working together, but above all, working on the collaboration! How do we communicate efficiently? How, where and when do we make decisions? Who takes responsibility for what? Which resources are needed and who has to offer them?

When a young company grows, then it’s about building a team. There are required competences, but on the other hand, there is also the so-called „cultural fit“. Start-ups are special – and they need employees with the right mind set. Integration into a young company can be very challenging. As collegial as it may be, „founder“ or „non-founder“ makes the crucial difference that needs to be addressed. Only in this way can a team come into the performance phase.

Successful start-ups in Silicon Valley make the point: Teamwork is so much in the foreground that the founders, especially in the initial phase, even live and work together under the same roof. Many startups hire their own chefs to provide their teams with culinary delights around the clock  – especially in the extensive sprint phases. This ensures constant communication and cooperation.