TeamWhat seems so natural in sports is usually neglected in the world of work: team coaching.

Teamwork, efficient collaboration, clear communication, shared goals, a strong vision, fun and enjoyment of work are not by-products of a shared office, but hard work and above all: it comes down to good leadership. Team coaching should be an integral part of the business year; because top teams also deliver top performance.

Top teams for the new world of work

Team coaching is about uncovering potentials and resources, discovering and eliminating possible barriers and sources of conflict, and aligning team spirit in a targeted manner. Particularly in the new world of work, in which hierarchies become flatter and teams become more self-organized, the result stands and falls with the team.

Team coaching is tailor made. The moderation by an external trainer makes it possible to avoid conflicts of interest (for example in the leadership role) and to address specific topics.


Team coaching looks at cooperation from an outside perspective. For example, roles in the team are discussed and analyzed and individual contributions to the team made transparent and discussable. Through a change of perspective, a team can gain an understanding of the diversity of its members, so that individual potentials are better integrated and the appreciation for each other promoted.

Through playful experience, team-internal processes can be reflected. Typical examples are interface agreements, meetings, the introduction of agile processes such as Kanban or Scrum, as well as arrangements for home office practices.


Efficient communication in the team is key to success. This can be trained with team coaching. Usually „feedback“ is an important topic – the art of giving feedback and taking feedback. Especially in agile processes, feedback is elementary in the form of regular retrospectives .

In the age of digitization, the reflected use of new media in communication is becoming increasingly important – the  keyword is virtual communication.

Other topics for team coaching are dealing with conflicts in the team or dealing with stress.