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Agile or self-organized teams provide a great way to make work processes efficient in a context of high dynamics and complexity. KAOS Coaching & Development accompanies your teams in two ways:

  1. Transformation: building agile and self-organized teams and processes. These processes can not be easily introduced and imposed. Self-organization has to be developed – individually and accurately. An external coach can accompany this optimally.
  2. Development and support of self-organized teams for the continuous improvement of cooperation and processes: Self-organized teams live from reflections, moderation and continuous development. An external coach is the ideal sparring partner for this.

How much agility makes sense?

Even if the name suggests otherwise: Self-organized teams do not organize themselves, and self-organized teams need leadership. They need „agile leadership“ . If self-organized teams are set up well, they deliver enormous results and usually with high motivation. That requires hard work. Especially traditional companies, whose teams have been managed hierarchically and strongly process-oriented for decades, can not just flip a switch. They have to be developed and accompanied. If this does not happen, it leads to high frustration and demotivation and the whole thing goes backwards.

In software development teams have been working with processes such as Kanban or Scrum successfully for years. These processes provide a way to deal with complex and dynamic requirements. If the teams are properly positioned, they have a clear leadership and working processes, efficient cooperation, so they can provide creative excellence.

However – when introducing agility, you do not always have to copy „Scrum“ or „Kanban“ from the book. Processes must fit the organization and their individual culture. Team and organizational development is all about developing individually.

KAOS Coaching & Development works with you in developing your teams to be more agile and to establish individual fitting processes of self-organization.