konflikteHumans are human – and there will be conflicts. It gets exhausting when a team culture does not allow conflicts to be dealt with constructively. Smoldering social tensions and conflicts are enormous stress factors in the workplace.

Result-focused clarification

With the moderation method teamfixx®, teams in complex or difficult situations can achieve clarity about the next steps in the shortest possible time. Tensions are made transparent and emotional sensitivities come to the table. In the process, resources are released in the team and solution-oriented perspectives are activated.

It’s not about everybody loving each other afterwards – it’s simply about the team being able to work again. And that happens automatically with this solution-oriented moderation method.

Typical situations

  • A team is newly composed and should find its way to good performance as quickly as possible
  • Open or subliminal conflicts hinder the team’s work
  • In a team, things are not going so well
  • The team is already working together well and is looking for ways to further increase efficiency
  • Moderation of complex retrospectives or plannings in agile processes


The colleagues of SOKRATeam offer their own training in the method, which is particularly interesting for executives and people who work in agile processes.

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