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“Virtual work” makes many people think of chat rooms and cyber space. And they are surprised to find out that “virtual work” is actually part of their daily work routine – even in traditional companies.

The term “virtual teams” refers to teams whose place of collaboration is virtual, meaning they communicate via email, intranet, messenger, phone or video conference. There is no need for global offices; usually the building next door or a different floor are sufficient to make a team work virtually. Since digitalization has entered daily work most people and teams work virtually to some degree.

The questions are: How do you foster team spirit at a distance? How do teams communicate efficiently using virtual communication and how do you ensure effective, remote collaboration?

Communication Culture

komunikationOf course, in most companies, virtual communication media are used – but completely unreflected. This often causes great displeasure. In particular, personal contact is lost. Employees complain about empty offices because their colleagues are working from home. In lengthy teleconferences participants switch to „mute“ immediately after dialing in are certainly not efficient. And completing complex discussions via email does not make communication easier.

Virtual teams in particular benefit from tailor-made team developments in which they can jointly reflect on and optimize their cooperation. The challenge is to establish an efficient communication culture appropriate for the team.

KAOS Coaching & Development gladly accompanies your teams in doing so.