Digitalization & Globalization

The invention of the internet has started a revolution and ushered in a new era: the era of digitization. Digitization is entering the economy, politics and society, companies and private households. And not just since yesterday, but since the 1990s. This goes hand in hand with the working world 4.0.

Fact is: In the age of digitization, work is done differently than in the world of work 3.0.  Businesses (and above all politicians) who are now „preparing“ for digitization have clearly missed the line. In the working world 3.0 there was no internet and no emails; no online platforms and no internet of things. There was no Amazon, Google or Facebook, no home office or co-working spaces. The topic „digitalization“ and „work 4.0“ is not about future scenarios, but about the reality in which we have arrived long ago.

Companies are challenged to make their employees, teams, executives and business models fit for change. KAOS Coaching & Development accompanies them in doing so.

Our work focuses on the following areas:

  • Flexibility: We support you in creating flexible organizational structures that provide suitable answers to the increased dynamics and complexity, as well as making room for innovation.
  • Leadership: We support your leaders in formulating strong visions and living professional, modern leadership in order to give employees a clear direction while providing room for growth and development.
  • Teams: We work with your employees to develop motivated and self-organized teams who are self-assured experts in their areas of expertise and own processes, and who are capable of mastering the dynamic demands of digitization together.
  • Internationality: In intercultural coachings, trainings and team developments, we support your employees in building intercultural competencies and making beneficial use of diversity.
  • Digital Work: We reflect the meaningful use of new media with your teams and leaders  to improve and facilitate your communication and collaboration. (for example, home office practices)
  • Diversity: We work with you to integrate the potential of women, different generations and migrants in your business.

KAOS Coaching & Development takes the challenges of the new world of work in a positive and meaningful way. It is not about temporary trends, but about the sustainable transformation of existing structures and processes in order to accompany organizations and employees optimistically into the future.